Yoda giving his famous “sex crazed” stare

The Star Wars franchise has been well-received for almost 50 years now, and it doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon; and for good reason. The series tends to play it safe when it comes to controversial topics such as race, religion or homosexuality. …

Josiah Bennett, wishing that he could hear flavors

Josiah Bennett spent his Monday morning no different than he does his Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Saturday mornings and Easter weekends — radiating hot a cup of frozen stew while his favorite morning radio show Giuseppe and the Sound Farm provided background noise.

But this Monday morning ended up different…

Adult child standing next to Ted Cruz doll, ready to fight.

Though all evidence from the famous Bobo Doll experiment showed that children are not innately violent, researchers across America stumbled across an anthropological breakthrough when the famous clown was replaced by a different punching bag.

Dr. Oomlau Kamde said that he noticed a strange trend out of his kids whenever…

The British show host was brutally attacked by a Muppet superfan for his snide remarks about Elmo’s basketball abilities

Popular host James Corden, after being accused of gayface by millions after portraying a flamboyant gay man in Ryan Murhphy’s film/musical “The Prom,” Corden finds himself in yet another bath of hot water which, this time, is being heated by Muppet fans.

In an interview with The LA Times last…

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