Elbow Noodles: Whose Elbows Are They?

Elbow noodles have long stood as a staple of Italian American cuisine, but what do we really know about them. Harvard elbow scientist Doug McGugg has done a little bit of research on the matter, and found shocking results.

It seems that for decades, the American public has been under the impression that, like other noodles, elbows were a form of pasta. This could not be further from the truth. Dr. McGugg has found the true source of the elbow; toddlers.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, it seems these elbows have come from children spanning the ages of 2–4 years old.

-McGugg on his research

The FDA has responded to these claims by issuing a mandatory halt on all elbow noodle production nationwide, much to the outrage of toddler farmers across the country.

If I leave these kids on the vine for too long, they might get overripe. I don’t have time to wait for the politics of the situation to blow over. The FDA needs to clear this up NOW, or that’s 9 months worth of crop right down the drain.

-Harrison Sprinkle, Oklahoma Toddler Farmer

The Nimrod will be keeping close tabs on the situation as it plays out, check back for updates.




The Nimrod is here to give you all the news you never knew you needed

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The Nimrod News

The Nimrod News

The Nimrod is here to give you all the news you never knew you needed

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